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I sell mugs, hats, and the like through my Zazzle store. Proceeds go towards new art.

Ian Sammis

Art Gallery


Lissajous Sextic Root Dance (2019)

ContinuityContinuity (2011)

Floral TilingFloral Tiling (2011)

Tie DyeTie Dye (2011)

Snail ShellLogarithmic Spiral Shell (2011)

HexdecapoleHexdecapole (2011)

CapacitorSineRippleCapacitor Sine Ripple (2011)

FloralInversion2Floral Inversion 2 (2011)

MooreCapacitorMoore Capacitor (2011)

Sierpinski's Donut (2010)

Exponential MooreExponential Moore (2010)

Mobius PeanMobius Peano (2010)